SMART Center

Oregon AFSCME is excited to announce a new way AFSCME represented members and leaders can connect with and engage in our Union.  As more and more members get active in their local union, we want to add a new and efficient way for members to easily get questions answered and concerns responded to; while also providing additional support to member leaders.  For this reason, we are bringing a new resource to our Council, the AFSCME Council 75 SMART CENTER which stands for Steward, Member, Assistance, Representation, and Training Center.  

We want to make sure when issues arise you have the tools and support necessary to get things taken care right away.  Members will be able to engage with the SMART Center through the phone, email, website, and eventually via an online chat. 

Every SMART Center interaction will be logged into our secure database which will ensure that everyone is receiving uniform information and staff have immediate access to the information they need to respond to issues.  We believe that a large portion of member calls may be resolved through a conversation with a SMART Center staff.  The Center will not file grievances but it can assist in more complex matters or help connect you to a steward.  For example, the Center staff can conduct an interview with a member and complete an intake form that local stewards or a Council Representative can review to determine if a grievance exists.

What the SMART Center means for members:

  • Sign up for trainings being offered
  • Update their membership information if they change their address or contact information
  • Obtain member identification number to access members-only benefits
  • Get a copy of their Local contract or constitution
  • Find out about Local meetings and who their Local officers are
  • Report general workplace issue or concerns

What the SMART Center means to AFSCME leaders:

  • Provides you with experts focused on answering your questions and trained to assist you quickly.
  • The SMART Center will be an active training mechanism for stewards. Staff at the center will be able to work with you over the phone or online to help you handle tough issues and be well prepared to go into meetings with management.
  • Helps AFSCME to track the needs of all of our stewards in a much more organized way, including identifying possible training opportunities.
  • Allows our union to better track and support systemic representation issues within locals, sectors, and the State in general.

This is an additional resource.  Leaders and members can still access Council Representatives, Stewards, and Local Officers just as they do now, but if your question or issue can’t wait - contact the SMART Center.